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Specific Coverage Solutions

INGECYS Telecom provides engineering and deployment of specific coverage solutions and covers:

  • 2G/3G/4G Indoor coverage improvement solution
  • 2G/3G/4G In-building solutions

2G/3G/4G Indoor coverage improvement solutions

INGECYS TELECOM offers a range of indoor coverage solutions to increase signal strength inside the building. Our solution is a complete solution including services and equipments supplying:

  • Services
     - Site survey
     - Indoor coverage simulations
     - Indoor measurement
     - Indoor engineering and planning
  • Equipments
     -Signal Boosters (repeaters)
     -Indoor antennas

2G/3G/4G In-building solutions

In-building solution is a quick and simple way to keep the visitors and customers connected in any building that is very difficult to cover from outside.
INGECYS TELECOM delivers the engineering and the infrastructure needed to meet the increasing demand for 3G and new LTE/4G services within venues. We provide end-to-end solution that enables operators and building owners to effectively plan and deploy their in-building networks regardless of building type and layout. We can provide single operator or multi-operator in-building solution.
Our Solution includes service and supply of active and passive equipment to ensure a best coverage inside the building. With Distributed Antennas Systems, repeaters, fiber optic equipments and professional services, our solution is a smart and efficient solution to fill out both coverage and capacity inside the buildings.
Our monitoring system and probes offer real-time visualization of the state of the coverage inside the building