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CELERYS PROBE is an autonomous DATA QoE Evaluation that can be remotely configured and monitored to perform several tests which can be visualized and analyzed in real-time by Celerys Analyze.
It allows similar testing features as the ones allowed by CELERYS MOBILE in smartphones/Tablets
With CELERYS PROBE can be used for:
  • Hotspot real-time performance monitoring
  • Remote and periodic testing for VIP locations
  • With large deployed quantities in the cities, having a continuous real-time map of the performance for each city.

It offers many features as:
  • Real QoE evaluation
  • Full remote configuration and control
  • Various DATA services evaluation: ping, HTTP, FTPFL, FTP UL, Streaming, POP, SMTP
  • Various network QoE Evaluation: WIFI, 2G, 3G/3G+, 4G/4G+
  • Real time visualization, analysis and reporting (using CELERYS ANALYZE)