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Working at INGECYS Telecom is:

  • Integrating a young dynamic company that offers a great opportunity of evolution;
  • Joining a team with three key axes: passion, competence and listening;
  • Joining a team of telecommunication professionals;
  • Developing its expertise with the Knowledge Center Company;
  • Working in an environment where teamwork is the success key.

Resource value

In order to foster team spirit and sense of belonging to the company, INGECYS Telecom implements a many values engaging both the company and its employees.

Company Values

INGECYS Telecom committed to provide its employees facilities and good working conditions to facilitate the execution of their tasks and their professional development.
INGECYS Telecom committed to listen to its employees with honesty and loyalty and query about every particular request.
INGECYS Telecom offers its employees training plans specified to maintain the level of expertise in various areas. There is no barrier to the hierarchical internal circulation of information that are necessary to the development of employees, the proper functioning of the enterprise and the delivering of better services to customers.

Values of employees

Our employees are also self motivated and demonstrate professionalism, competence and rigor in ever particular project.