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Our Values

Our values reflect the responsibility assumed by the company towards its customers, employees and partners. Customer satisfaction, responsibility, partnership vision and confidentiality are our values identity.

Customer satisfaction

Gage of the development of our society, its durability and thus its ability to honor its engagements with its stakeholders. We mobilize all the resources to guarantee our customer satisfaction.


The nature of our services imposes a high sense of responsibility and a high dedication of our employees. This dedication is reflected by our expertise in quality of service, quality of deliverables and our capacity to meet deadlines.

Partnership Vision

INGECYS Telecom knows how to maintain constructive relations with its customers, partners and suppliers. The partnership vision is based on listening to customers queries, implementing transparent environment and anticipating technological evolutions to insure the customer benefit.


The hierarchy and consultants of the company are sensitized to all professional confidentiality’s issues and are advised about their duty of confidentiality toward any person external to the company. INGECYS Telecom guarantees its customers, suppliers and partners the complete discretion about any confidential documents or information.