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Celerys Q-NET
CELERYS Q-NET allows IP network DATA QoE Evaluation. It’s a desktop solution which can be used to DSL /FTTH testing, Wifi/WIMAX and Mobile networks QoE Evaluation using Dongles connected to Laptops/Desktops.
It allows similar testing features as the ones allowed by CELERYS MOBILE in smartphones/Tablets.
With CELERYS Q-NET, the user can:
  • Evaluate the performances of DSL or FTTH networks
  • Evaluate the performances of DSL/FTTH routers
  • Evaluate the QoE of different operators with the same or different dongles
  • Evaluate the performance of the dongles (dongles benchmark)

It also offers many features as:
  • live visualization of the measurements
  • Real QoE evaluation using laptops/desktops with advanced features: measurement's scenarios configuration, background running capabilities
  • Measurement's details visualization: minimum/maximum/average throughput, streaming buffering delays and video stops numbers...
  • Site database loading and indication of the serving cell on the map
  • Mapping features: site database visualization, serving cell identification
  • Various network QoE Evaluation: DSL/FTTH, WIFI/WIMAX and mobile networks(2G, 3G/3G+, 4G/4G+)
  • Real time visualization, analysis and reporting (using CELERYS ANALYZE)
  • Measurement's logfiles export to CSV file
  • Store and late upload of measurement data (in case of data network unavailability)
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