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Quality Assurance

INGECYS Telecom offers a complete set of Quality Assurance services that provide to our customers a real-time checking of the correct completion of the projects in terms of quality, time, delivery, process and conformity with contractual terms and specifications...

With INGECYS Telecom Quality Assurance service you will:

  • Improve work processes and efficiency
  • Ensure the quality of your projects
  • Reduce your OPEXs and increase the profitability of your networks
  • Increase your company competitiveness, credibility and your customer confidence

With our QA Software, you will follow the quality of overall timeline of the project, from template design to implementation and operation and maintenance across all business units and all geographic areas (regions, countries...).

INGECYS TELECOM QA Solution advantages:

  • Multiple coverage of all processes phases, all business units, all geographic areas...
  • Customizable dashboards with specific metrics which enable monitoring and supervision of the quality
  • Real time visualization update of quality status
  • Various representation with advanced filtering: grid, map
  • Customizable reporting with automatic generation and sending